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Bob Marley & The Wailers Soul Revolutionaries: The Early Jamaican Albums (4 Albums on 2 CD) 2CD 1970-71/2005 Reggae
Bob Marley & The Wailers    Talkin' Blues(combines material between Oct.1973 and Sept.1975, feat.P.Tosh &  B.Livingston)
1975/1991 Reggae
Gould, David "Solid" (Similar Artists- Matisyahu) Adonai in Dub (Connection between Roots Reggae & Judaism)
2001/2006 Reggae
HaBanot Nehama (Israel Acoustic Reggae Girl Trio) HaBanot Nehama (Album + Bonus Mixes)
2007 Reggae
Matisyahu  ("the Hasidic Reggae Superstar")  Shake Off the Dust...Arise (produced by Bill Laswell)
2004 Reggae
Matisyahu  ("the Hasidic Reggae Superstar") Live at Stubb's (produced by Bill Laswell)
2005 Reggae
Matisyahu  ("the Hasidic Reggae Superstar") Youth / Youth Dub (23 New Studio Albums Tracks, incl.Reggae&Dub Versions)
2006 Reggae
Matisyahu (feat. Bill Laswell, Sly & Robbie) No Place to Be(Remixed & New Rerecorded Versions+cover of Message in a Bottle by The Police)
2007 Reggae
Sinsemilia (French Band) Debout Les Yeux Ouverts
2005 Reggae
Sunshiners Sunshiners (incl. covers of D.Bowie, Cure, U2, Human League & oth.)
2007 Reggae
Tosh, Peter Hits & Classic Album Cuts   
1960's-1980's Reggae
Tosh, Peter  Scrolls of Prophet: The Best of (Main Hits, Unreleased & Acoustic Versions)
1964-1981/1997 Reggae
Tosh, Peter (feat.Jagger,Richards&etc.) Equal Rights/Bush Doctor
1977-1978 Reggae
Tosh, Peter (feat.Sly&Robbie&etc.) Mama Africa/Captured Life
1983-1984 Reggae
Tribal Seeds Youth Rebellion 
2005 Reggae

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