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ABBA Opus 10 (48 Versions, Unreleased, Rare Tracks) 2CD 1970's-1980's Pop/Disco
ABBA Oro Grandes Exitos / Mas Oro (20 Gold & More Gold In Spanish Lang.+ 12 Bonus in Swedish, Germany & French) 1992/1993 Pop/Disco
El Pasador (Italy) La Sberla (incl. Amada Mia, Amore Mio; Bamba-Dabam; Mucho Mucho & oth.; Rem.)   1977/2007 Pop/Disco
Mamma Mia! (SoundTrack & Musicle) Complete Edition:CD1 - The Movie Soundtrack Feat. The Songs of ABBA (Full 17 Tacks Version); CD2- Original Cast Recording (Special Edition - Full Studio Version + Finale Bonus Tracks)
2008 Pop/Disco
Maywood (Dutch Duo) Walking Back To Happiness / Six Of The Thirties (2 Cover Albums of 30's & 60's years hits on1CD)   1991 Pop/Disco
Modern Talking Complete Singles Collection 2CD 1970's-80's/2005 Pop/Disco
Simone, Afric  Special Edition 33 Tracks Remastered Original & Mix Versions, incl.duet with Trini Lopez 2CD 1970's/2005 Pop/Disco
Talking System / Modern System (ex-Modern Talking, Blue System, Systems In Blue) In My Backstreet Heaven / The 1st Album ( incl."Brother Louie";"Cheri Cheri Lady";"You're My Heart You're My Soul";"Under My Skin" & oth.+ Bonus: Mix & 6 Single Tracks)   2008 Pop/Disco
Teach In (Dutch Band) Festival / Get On Board (2on1, inc."Ding-A-Dong" & oth.Hits; Rem.)
1975 Pop/Disco

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