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Angelic Upstarts  Singles Collection
2003 Punk/Oi!
Business, The  The Best of the Business/The Business Live (28 Studio Best/16 Live Best)  2CD 2002 Punk/Oi!
Cock Sparrer Guilty as Charged
1994 Punk/Oi!
Cockney Rejects The Very Best of Cockney Rejects (22 Rem.Tracks)
1999 Punk/Oi!
Lurkers (Britain's answer to the Ramones, ex-Saints) Beggars Banquet Complete Punk Singles Collection ( A- and B-sides)
1970's-1980's Punk/Oi!
Peter & the Test Tube Babies The Punk Singles Collection (23 tracks A- and B-sides)
1980's/1996 Punk/Oi!
Sham 69  Sham's Last Stand: The best of live! 
1970's-1980's Punk/Oi!
UK Subs   Normal Service Resumed (CD1-Studio Best; CD2: Live in Croatia) 2CD 1980's-1995 Punk/Oi!
Various Artists Knock Out In the 5th Round! Oi! Never Mind the Ball, Play the Man! (Demented Are Go,Meteors..)
2001 Punk/Oi!
Various Artists Punk Archives: 25 Punk Singles (Adicts, UK Subs, Chelsea, Slits, Neurotics & oth.)
1977-89 Punk/Oi!

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