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Across the Universe (Original SoundTrack -Julie Taymor's film;feat.Bono; Joe Cocker; Jeff Beck; Salma Hayek & more) Deluxe Edition - all 33 songs featured in the film 2CD 2007 Pop/Rock
Adams, Bryan Anthology (36 tracks; incl.duets, live, mixes & filmtracks) 2CD 2007 Pop/Rock
Badfinger Head First (Previously Unreleased Their Best Album, incl.demos and outtakes, Rem.) 2CD 1975/2007 Pop/Rock
Davies, Ray (ex-The Kinks) Other People's Lives / Working Man's Cafe (2 New Albums on 2 CD)
2006/2007 Pop/Rock
Fireman, The (Paul McCartney & Youth - Orb, Killing Joke) Strawberry Oceans Ships Forest 
1994 Pop/Rock
Fireman, The (Paul McCartney & Youth - Orb, Killing Joke) Rushes
1998 Pop/Rock
McCartney, Paul Cold Cuts ( Compiled by Paul, it collects the best of his unreleased music from the 1971-1978)
1971-1978 Pop/Rock
McCartney, Paul THRILLINGTON (Orchestral Version of "RAM")
1972/1977 Pop/Rock
RICHARD, CLIFF  I ’M NEARLY FAMOUS / The 31st of February Street (Rem. + 10 Bonus Tracks) 2CD 1976-1974 / 2005 Pop/Rock
Sayer, Leo  The Show Must Go On: The Anthology (39 Hits of 1970s + rare singles & unreleased cut; Rem.) 2CD 1970's/2009 Pop/Rock
Terry Jacks Seasons in the Sun (Rem.+ 4 Bonus Tracks, incl."If You Go Away", "Rock N Roll" & oth.)   1974/2009 Pop/Rock

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