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Frijid Pink (Similar Artists: MC5, Stooges) Frijid Pink (Incl."House of the Rising Sun", "Heartbreak Hotel")
1970 Rock/Proto-Punk
New York Dolls Rock&Roll (all original material from 2 classic albums + outtakes and rarities)
 1973-1974 Rock/Proto-Punk
Pink Fairies, The  Neverneverland (+ 4 Bonus:single "Do It")
1971 Rock/Proto-Punk
Pop, Iggy In Covers (feat.Sex Pistols, J.Ramone, Blondie, Cars, Boy George, Duran Duran, Siousxie & oth.)
1980's-2000's Rock/Proto-Punk
Pop, Iggy   Duets & Appears (with D.Bowie, D.Harry, Cramps, R.Sakamoto, Cult, F.Hardy, Mogwai & oth.)
1970's-2000's Rock/Proto-Punk
Pop, Iggy    Covers & Film Cuts (Surfin' Bird, Louie Louie, Sookie Sookie, Shakin' All Over, Sea of Love & )
1960's-1990's Rock/Proto-Punk
Pop, Iggy (& The Stooges)  Raw Power (incl."Search and Destroy", "Penetration" & oth.wildest sounded songs)
1973 Rock/Proto-Punk
Pop, Iggy (feat. David Bowie: played, co-wrote & produced) Lust for Life / The Idiot (2 on 1; Jap.Rem.) 
1977/2007 Rock/Proto-Punk
Reed, Lou The Bells (feat. Don Cherry) / Growing Up in Public (Rem.)
1979/1980 Rock/Proto-Punk
Smith, Patti Trampin'(between garage rock,poetic ballads & improvisational pieces;w/ daughter Jesse Lee Smith
2004 Rock/Proto-Punk
Stooges, The The Stooges (New Edit.:Rem+Bonus) 2CD 1967/2007 Rock/Proto-Punk
Various Artists Garage Punk Unknowns, Vol. 1 (America's Mid-60's Bands)
1960's/1999 Rock/Proto-Punk
Various Artists Garage Punk Unknowns, Vol. 2 (America's Mid-60's Bands)
1960's/1999 Rock/Proto-Punk

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