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Anthony, Ray The Dream Girl / Moments Together
1957 Lounge
Anthony, Ray Ray Anthony Concert / The Anthony Choir
1951-1956 Lounge
Anthony, Ray Plays for Dancers in Love / Plays for Dream Dancing ( 2on1; 24 Rem.Tracks)
1959/1961 Lounge
Anthony, Ray The Twist with Ray Anthony and the Bookends / Swing Club ( 2on1)
1960's/1999 Lounge
Auvray, Lydie (Accordion) Regards (French Album: Tangos & Café Chansons)
2007 Lounge
Billy Vaughn & His Orchestra The Best Of - The Finest In Easy Listening - 50 Original Hits 2CD 1950's-1960's Lounge
Carlisle, Belinda (feat.Brian Eno) [French  Lang.] Voila (covers of classic French pops of S.Gainsbourg,J.Brel,E.Piaf & etc.[Jap.Ed.+4 Bonus Tracks]
2007 Lounge
Conniff, Ray S' Wonderful ! / S' Marvelous ( 2on1)
1957 Lounge
Conniff, Ray S' Awful Nice / S' Continental ( 2on1)
1958 Lounge
Conniff, Ray Broadway In Rhythm / Hollywood In Rhythm ( 2on1)
1959 Lounge
Conniff, Ray Great Contemporary Instrumental Hits / I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing
1971 Lounge
Conniff, Ray Jean / Bridge Over Trouble Water
1969/1970 Lounge
Crazy Otto ( Fritz Schulz-Reichel) Rides Again(piano with a small rhythm group, improvisations on established popular tunes) 29Tr.
1950's Lounge
Cruise, Julee (feat. Khan) The Art of Being a Girl (incl.theme song"Falling" from Twin Peaks [Re-Recording])
2002 Lounge
Cugat, Xavier Cugie A-Go-Go (Adios, Zorba the Greek, Bang Bang, Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah,Goldfinger & oth.)
1963-1967 Lounge
Dee, Lenny (Hi-Fi Organ with a Beat) Double Dee-Light (48 Great Themes; incl.Plantation Boogie; Siboney; Caravan & etc.; Rem) 2CD 1950's-1960's/2008 Lounge
Edmundo Ros & his Orch.with Caterina Valente Nothing But Aces/Latin Melodies Old & New (2on1, incl. La Bamba; La Cucaracha & 24 more)
1960's/2008 Lounge
Enoch Light & Command All-Stars (Terry Snyder Persuasive Percussion, Vol.1 & 2 (Miserlou, Brazil, Mambo Jambo & oth.) Bachelor Pad Music
1959-1960 Lounge
Enoch Light & his Light Brigade Orchestra Little Things Mean a Lot: Great Hits of the Fifties (Mambo Italiano, Sh-Boom, Skokiaan & oth.)
1950's Lounge
Esquivel Infinity in Sound, Vol.1 & Vol.2 (2on1) (incl."Harlem Nocturne","Take the 'A' Train,","Frenesi"&..)
1960/1961 Lounge
Franck Pourcel & His Orchestra (French Violinist & Conductor) 100 All Time Greatest, Part1: Golds of the 20th Centure / From Cannes to Hollywood 2CD 1960's-1970's/2007 Lounge
Franck Pourcel & His Orchestra (French Violinist & Conductor) 100 All Time Greatest, Part2: French Fiddlers Super Lounge / Classics Forever 2CD 1960's-1970's/2007 Lounge
Frank Popp Ensemble Touch And Go(Influenced by spy music and organ-heavy go-go of the '60s but driven by the beats
2005 Lounge
Frenchy (East Bay Ray[ex-Dead Kennedys guit.] Project) Che's Lounge(Combinat.of quirky Jazz, 60's R&B and Lounge; incl.Tico-Tico, Love Is Strange & ..
1997 Lounge
Herb Alpert & Tijuana Brass Whipped Cream & Other Delights (Orig.Album+ 2 Bonus) / Re-Whipped (Rem.of Orig.Alb.)
1965/2006 Lounge
Hollywood Mon Amour (Marc Collin - Nouvelle Vague) Hollywood Mon Amour (versions of film's themes" LA Boum";"Cat People";"Flashdance";"Top Gun"   2008 Lounge
Hot Butter Hot Butter/More Hot Butter (incl.Popcorn, Mah-Na-Mah-Na,Tequila, Je T'aime & more, 22 Tr.,Rem.)
1960's Lounge
James Last & His Orchestra Non-Stop Evergreens (incl.La Bamba;Rum&Coca Cola;Quando,Quando;Bei Mir Bist du Schön &…)
1960's Lounge
James Last & His Orchestra Rock'n'Roll Party (incl.Rock Around the Clock; Jailhouse Rock; Hound Dog & oth. Medleys)
1960's Lounge
James Last & His Orchestra Weihnachten mit James Last /  The Christmas Album (2on1; Rem.)
1973-1979/2008 Lounge
Joe Basile, His Accordion and Orchestra Accordion de Paris / Rome with Love (2on1)
1959/1960 Lounge
Kabalas Eye of Zohar (A combination of traditional Jewish folk, crime-jazz and hyper active polka)
1997 Lounge
Kokomo(Arranger extraordinaire Jimmy Wisner -piano w/o) Asia Minor (21 album & singles tracks, based on Grieg's, Chopin's,Schubert's,Tchaikovsky's.. 
1960's Lounge
Les Primitifs du Futur (Robert Crumb / Dominique Cravic) World Musette(re-creating the French Musette sound of the 1930s with Blues,Cuban & Asian infl.)
1999/2000 Lounge
Los Amigos Invisibles (Similar Artists:Ojos de Brujo) Arepa 3000: A Venezuelan Journey Into Space (Produced by David Byrne) (Spain Lang.)
2000 Lounge
Martin Denny & His Orchestra Forbidden Island / Primitiva (feat. Arthur Lyman)
1958 Lounge
Miyake, Jun (Japan)  Mondo Erotica! 
2001 Lounge
Mondo Candido (Italy) Moca (incl."Meglio Stasera")

Pink Martini Sympathique (Amado Mio, Brazil, Que Sera, Sera & oth.comb.of Cuban,cabaret & film music)
1997 Lounge
Pink Martini Hang on Little Tomato 
2004 Lounge
Pink Martini Hey Eugene! (New Album, incl."Tempo Perdido" by C.Miranda, "Dosvedanya Mio Bombino", & ..)
2007 Lounge
Rosso, Nini (Trompete) Il Silenzio: I Grandi Successi Originali (42Tracks, Incl.Love Story, Mamy Blue, Moon River & oth.) 2CD 1960's Lounge
Schulz-Reichel, Fritz (Crazy Otto) Midnight Piano (24 Tracks; Rem.)
1956-1957 Lounge
Torchy, Jean Marc (French Accordion & Ensemble ) Accordeon Tzigane (Golden Disc,incl."Czardas";"Kalinka";"Kasatchok"&oth.Russian&Gypsy Themes)
Van Damme, Art (accordion-master with quintet) The Van Damme Sound/Martini Time( 2on1 incl.Carioca, Tea for Two, Adios & more,24 Tr.,Rem.)
1950/1953 Lounge
Various Artists Japan Touch (la nouvelle vague pop et electro a la 60's) 
2005 Lounge
Various Artists Viva! Paul Mauriat the Remixes (El Bimbo; Love Is Blue; Penelope & oth. Themes) Rare Jap.   2008 Lounge
Various Artists La Paloma: One Song For All Worlds, Vol. 1 & 2 (50 Various Versions) 2CD 1920's-2000's Lounge
Various Artists La Paloma: One Song For All Worlds, Vol. 3 & 4 (Another 50 Versions) 2CD 1920's-2000's Lounge
Various Artists ShangHai Lounge Divas (1-Original 1930's Sessions, 2-ReMixed For Today)  2CD 1930's/2005 Lounge
Various Artists (by Stéphane Pompougnac) Hotel Costes, Vol. 11 (incl.Club Des Belugas, Lena Horne, Waldeck, Naomi & oth.)   2008 Lounge
Various Artists (Italy) La Nostra Orchestra (feat.N.Rosso,P.Calvi,F.Papetti,J.Sax,Santo&Johnny,P.Calvi & oth); 47Tr. 2CD 1950's-1960's Lounge
Wanderley, Walter Organ-ized!-Brazilian Organ (feat.Astrud Gilberto, Luiz Henrique & oth.)
1960's Lounge
Wirtz, Mark The Go-Go Music of Mark Wirtz, His Orchestra & Chorus (incl. Sunny, Yeh Yeh, Shake Me&..)
1965-1969 Lounge
Wunderlich, Klaus Sound 2000 : Organ Moog, Rhythm / Sound 2000 : Elec Trick Piano (24 Tracks, Rem.)
1973 Lounge
Wunderlich, Klaus Recollections (incl. Twist Medley, Rock'n'Roll Medley, Bossa-Nova Medley…, 40 Tr., Rem.) 2CD 1960's/2007 Lounge
Wunderlich, Klaus 24 Melodien, die man nie vergisst, Vol.1/ 24 Melodien, die man nie vergisst, Vol.2 ( 2 On 1)

1961/1966 Lounge
Wunderlich, Klaus Hammond Fireworks, Vol.1/ Hammond Fireworks, Vol.2 (44 Tracks, Rem.) 2CD
Wunderlich, Klaus Pops 1/ Pops 2 ( 2 Original Albums On 1 CD) 

Zacharias, Helmut Danke Schon - Die Retrospektive, Vol.1 ( 50 Tracks-Rem.)  2CD 1940's-1970's Lounge
Zacharias, Helmut Danke Schon - Die Retrospektive, Vol.2 ( 50 Tracks-Rem.)  2CD 1940's-1970's Lounge
Zacharias, Helmut Super Twist / Respect: 1968 Capitol ( 2 on 1 + Bonus; Rem.)
1960's Lounge
Zero, Karl  Songs for Cabriolets(Torero[Carosone], Portofino[Buscaglione],Ça Va Ça Va[Prado],Inouis[Cugat]
2001 Lounge
Zofka Bikini
2006 Lounge
Zofka Nice (Special Lim.Ed., Incl.Remixes & Extended Versions; 25 Tracks) 2CD 2006 Lounge
Zofka Chocolat (New Album, Incl. Libertango; C’est La Vie & oth.)   2008 Lounge

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