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Antony and the Johnsons The Crying Light (New Album) + Epilepsy Is Dancing (Single)   2009 Pop/Alternative
Erasure Chorus Album + Chorus Maxi-Single (16 Tracks; incl.Rare Mixes)
1991 Pop/Alternative
Erasure ABBA-esque EP + ABBA-esque Remixes EP + "O L'Amour" B-Side (Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!)
1992 Pop/Alternative
Goldfrapp (Similar Artists:Portishead, Björk) Black Cherry (Second Album)
2003 Pop/Alternative
Goldfrapp (Similar Artists:Portishead, Björk) Seventh Tree (New studio album, real. on Mute Rec.with "warm" and "delicate" sounds + Excl.Bonus) 2008 Pop/Alternative
It's Immaterial (The Christians) Life's Hard and Then You Die (+3 Bonus)  [Rare Album]
1986 Pop/Alternative
It's Immaterial (The Christians) Song (mix of new wave, country, blues, folk, and synth pop) [Rare Album]
1990 Pop/Alternative
McLaren, Malcolm (ex- Sex Pistols) Paris (Orchestrated Cabaret jazz, incl.Je T'Aime, Paris Paris & oth.:CD1-Songs;CD2-Instr.&Mixes) 2CD 1994 Pop/Alternative
Obi (Similar Artist: Calexico) Dice Man Lopez (steel guitar and rolling melodies, country twang and crooning vocal)
2004 Pop/Alternative
Right Said Fred Up (Rem.Orig.Alb.) + mega-hit "I'm Too Sexy" Mixes
1992/2007 Pop/Alternative
Tim Booth &  Angelo Badalamenti (with Brian Eno) Booth and the Bad Angel
1996 Pop/Alternative
Various Artists Lost In The Stars-The Music of Kurt Weill(T.Waits, L.Reed, J.Zorn, Sting, M.Faithfull & oth.)
1985 Pop/Alternative
Various Artists RedHot+Blue ( C.Porter) D.Harry+Iggy Pop;Pogues+K.MacColl;T.Waits;D.Byrne &…)
1991/2005 Pop/Alternative
Various Artists RedHot+Rio ( T.Jobim) A.Gilberto+G.Michael;C.Evora+C.Veloso;A.Jobim+Sting; & ..)
1992/2005 Pop/Alternative

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