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Amadou & Mariam with Manu Chao  Dimanche A Bamako(trad.Mali sound with rock guitars,Syrian violins,Cuban trumpets,Egyptian     
2005 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Antibalas (Afrobeat Orchestra) Security (co-produced with John McEntire (Tortoise), he also mixed the set)
2007 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Astatke, Mulatu (Ethiopiques) Ethio Jazz & Musique Instrumentale / Ethiopian fusion (incl.tracks from OST "Broken Flowers")
1969-1974 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Bonga Angola 72 (A blend of Angolan, Portuguese and Brazilian influences)
1972 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Bonga  Angola 74 ("Latin sentimentality with a touch of Gypsy and Flamenco")
1974 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Bonga  Angola 86
1986 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Keita, Salif  M'Bemba (Grammy nominated album incl.rock, soul, French chanson, and Afro-Cuban rhythms)   2005 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Keita, Salif (with 17musicians plus six backing vocalists) Moffou (His Best Malian roots album)
2001 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Kidjo, Angélique (feat. Henri Salvador) Oyaya! (Album between Africa and the Blues and Africa and Cuba + Latin & Brazil colors)
2004 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Konono No.1 Congotronics
2005 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Orchestra Baobab (with  Thione Seck) [Senegalese Band] Pirate's Choice (The Legendary 1982 Session + Bonus Tracks; Rem.) 2CD 1982/2006 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Orchestra Baobab [Senegalese Biggest Band] Specialist in All Styles (Comeback after 15 years, feat.Ibrahim Ferrer & Youssou N'Dour)
2002 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Orchestra Baobab [Senegalese Biggest Band] Made In Dakar
2007 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Orchestra Baobab [Senegalese Biggest Band] A Night at Club Baobab (''Yolanda","Jin ma Jin ma"& tracks from"Club Baobab", Rem.)
1972-1978/2006 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Papa Noel & Papa Oviedo Bana Congo ( between Cuban music and Congolese rhumba;between West Africa and Afro-Cuban) 
2002 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca Mambo Yo Yo (African musicians playing Cuban-based music with Congolese rumba)
1998 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Tinariwen (Similar Artists-Ali Farka Touré) Aman Iman: Water Is Life (Tuareg group from the southern Sahara with electric guitars and drums)
2007 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Touré, Daby  Stereo Spirit (New Album, Real World Edit.)
2007 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Various Artists A Day In The Life Of Africa (From Algerian to Congo, Mali & Cape Verde)
2002 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Various Artists Africanesque (feat. Tony Allen, Bonga, Ali Farka Toure, Jestofunk, Kanda Bongo Man & oth.)
2002 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Various Artists Congotronics 2: Buzz'n'Rumble from the Urb'n'Jungle (Konono No.1 & oth. 8 Similar Artists) CD+DVD 2006 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Various Artists Congotronics 2: Buzz'n'Rumble from the Urb'n'Jungle (Only CD Version)
2006 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Various Artists (Damon Albarn-Blur and Gorillaz leader) Mali Music(Albarn jamming w/Malian musicians(Toumani Diabate,LobiTraore&oth.)in small bars & village streets, rec.into a professional studio, adding many instr., choirs & effects - brilliant sound.
2002 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Walters, David "AWA" + Bonus Video (Afro-Caribbean, colored by electronic beats and acoustic folk)
2006 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Zap Mama Zap Mama (Adventures in Afropea, Vol. 1)   1993 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Zap Mama Sabsylma   1994 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Zap Mama A Ma Zone (+ Bonus Tracks)   1999 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Zap Mama Ancestry in Progress   2004 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Zap Mama Supermoon (Ne Album; feat. Arno & oth.guests)
2007 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop
Zap Mama (all-female a cappella quintet founded by Zaire) 7 (feat. guest vocalists U-Roy and Michael Franti, with pygmy onomatopoeic vocal techniques)
1997 Worldbeat/Afro-Pop

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