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Gang Of Four Return the Gift (New a self-tribute album,re-rec.of their earliest and best works+NewTracks&Mix) 2CD 2006 Punk/Post-Punk/NW
Gang Of Four Entertainment! 1st Album + 8 Bonus Tracks, incl.Alternate & Live Versions
1979/2005 Punk/Post-Punk/NW
Gang Of Four Hard / Solid Gold (2ON 1- Second & Last Studio Albums)
1981/1983 Punk/Post-Punk/NW
New Order Singles 2CD 2005 Punk/Post-Punk/NW
Pretenders, The  Break Up The Concrete (New Album; Special Edition, Incl. 2 Bonus, feat.Willie Nelson)
2008 Punk/Post-Punk/NW
Pretenders, The  Pirate Radio # 1 (all of their Charting Singles and B-sides, demos & previously unreleased cuts) 2CD 1978-2006 Punk/Post-Punk/NW
Pretenders, The  Pirate Radio # 2 (many of their Best Album Tracks  and  rarities + best live cuts; 81 Tracks; Rem.) 2CD 1978-2006 Punk/Post-Punk/NW

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