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Andrews Sisters Merry Xmas with the Andrews Sisters (22 Tracks feat.Bing Crosby & Danny Kaye)
1950's-1960's Vocal/Christmas
Bennett, Tony (feat. the Count Basie Big Band & Guests) Snowfall / A Swingin' Christmas (2 on 1; 22 Tr.)
1968/1994 Vocal/Christmas
Boone, Pat  Songs for Christmas (White Christmas'59+)
1950's Vocal/Christmas
Cole, Nat King The Christmas Song ( New Edit.- 25 Tracks, incl.duet w/D.Martin & mix, Rem.)
1960's/2005 Vocal/Christmas
Como, Perry Sings Merry Christmas Music (full 1961 Camden release + Earlier releases, Rem.)
1946-1961 Vocal/Christmas
Crosby, Bing Christmas Collection (incl.Duets&Trios w/N.K.Cole, F.Sinatra,E.Presley,D.Bowie&oth.+ Mix) 
1960's/2005 Vocal/Christmas
Martin, Dean Christmas With Dino (Capitol Recordings)
1953-1966 Vocal/Christmas
Mathis, Johnny  Merry Christmas / Give Me Your Love For Christmas (2  Albums on1 CD; 23 Tracks; Rem.)
1958/1965 Vocal/Christmas
Sinatra, Frank  Christmas Collection/A Jolly Christmas (5o Anniversary Expanded Edit.: 27 Rem.Tracks, incl.Duets) 1960's-1980's Vocal/Christmas
Various Artists Black Christmas(L.Armstrong,E.Fitzgerald,B.Ecstine,R.Charles,Platters,Ch.Berry,F.Domino&)
1950's-1960's Vocal/Christmas
Various Artists White Christmas(R.Orbison,Everly Bros,B.Helms,E.Fisher,M.Torme,A.Williams,J.Garland,D.Day&)
1950's-1960's Vocal/Christmas
Williams, Andy Complete Christmass: CD1: Christmas Album / Merry Christmas; CD2: Christmas With The Williams Brothers / Christmas Present (4on2; Rem.)
1963-1974/2008 Vocal/Christmas

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