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Chinawoman (Canada) Party Girl ( + Bonus; incl Russian Ballerina)   2008 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern.
Doherty, Peter (ex-The Libertines; Babyshambles) Grace/Wastelands (New Album feat. Blur's Graham Coxon)   2009 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern.
Fall, The  Reformation Post TLC (New Alb., incl. M. Haggard, Amon Düül, and Captain Beefheart Covers)
2007 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern.
Killing Joke Hosannas from the Basement of Hell (New Studio Album, Like their great Early Albums)
2006 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern.
Lydon, John (ex-Sex Pistols) Psycho's Path (first solo album, feat.Chemical Brothers, Moby, Leftfield)
1997 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Nick Cave  Unknown & Unreleased
1980'-2000's Punk/Post-Punk/Altern.
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds Live Seeds(Rec.on the "Henry's Dream" Tour, incl."The Weeping Song" Bargeld and Cave's Duet)
1993 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern.
Nick Cave / Warren Ellis (OSTs to an "Oscar" Westerns) The Proposition / The Assassination of Jesse James (Complete Edition) 2CD 2006 / 2008 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern.
Public Image Ltd.(PiL) The Flowers of Romance
1981 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Public Image Ltd.(PiL) Live in Tokyo
1983 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Public Image Ltd.(PiL) Album (Compact Disc) (feat.B.Laswell, S.Vai, R.Sakamoto, G.Baker)
1986 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Public Image Ltd.(PiL) Public Image (first album) / Second Edition (second album) 2CD 1978/1979 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Public Image Ltd.(PiL)  That What Is Not (feat."Tower of Power" horns)
1991 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Sugarcubes, The (Björk)   [Iceland] Life's Too Good (Debut Hit Album)
1988 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Sugarcubes, The (Björk)   [Iceland] Here Today, Tomorrow Next Week! (Second Album)
1989 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Tappi Tikarrass (Björk)  [Iceland] Miranda
1983 Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Various Artists Punk Covers of Greatest Hits: My Way(Clash, Dead Kennedys, S.Pist.,N.Hagen,Damned& -24Tr)  
1970's-1980's Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Various Artists Post Punk Covers of Greatest Hits: Honey Pie(Stranglers,Pixies,Ramones,Plasmatics& -23Tr.) 
1970's-1990's Punk/Post-Punk/Altern
Various Artists Neo Punk Covers of Greatest Hits: My Generation(Elvis Hitler, M.Manson,Green Day - 16 Tr.)
1980's-2000's Punk/Post-Punk/Altern

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