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Akiva Ben-Horin and his Jewish Music Ensemble Arts of the Land of Israel: Hasidic Melodies, Klezmer Tunes

Alberstein, Chava  If You See Me Now (I Am Walking) Songs of Nachum Heiman   1979 Worldbeat/Jewish
Alberstein, Chava  Yiddish songs
2000 Worldbeat/Jewish
Frank London's Klezmer Brass Allstars Carnival Conspiracy: In the Marketplace All Is Subterfuge
2005 Worldbeat/Jewish
Haza, Ofra  Forever Ofra Haza: Her Greatest Songs Remixed
2008 Worldbeat/Jewish
Klezmer Conservatory Band    Dance Me to the End of Love (from Russian waltzes, Romanian Bulgars, and klezmer swing to traditional Jewish wedding tunes and a Leonard Cohen cover!)
2000 Worldbeat/Jewish
Poza Odessa: Jewish Music from Russia ( Air Mail Music: Crazy Balkans)
1997/2005 Worldbeat/Jewish

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