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Arcadium Breathe Awhile
1969 Rock/Psych
Clark-Hutchinson Retribution (Psychedelic with Indian and blues-jazz-rock influences)
1970 Rock/Psych
Cosmic Dealer (Netherland) Crystallization (+ 7 Bonus)
1971 Rock/Psych
Country Joe & the Fish ( & Friends) Live! Fillmore West 1969
1969 Rock/Psych
Culpeper's Orchard Culpeper's Orchard
1971 Rock/Psych
Dalton (Italia) (Similar Artists:Jethro Tull) Rifflessioni:Idea D'Infinito(incl.cover of Shocking Blue's "Venus"
1973 Rock/Psych
Eric Burdon and War Love Is All Around
1976 Rock/Psych
Far Out(Similar Artists:Pink Floyd,K.Schulze) Far Out (German cosmic sound and more Japanese folk infl.)
1971 Rock/Psych
Freedom (Similar Artists:Procol Harum) Freedom
1970 Rock/Psych
Genesis In the Beginning (incl.cover of "Suzanne" by L.Cohen & oth .rare tracks)
1968 Rock/Psych
Group 1850 (Dutch band) Paradise Now (2nd Album; mixture of the early Mothers of Invention &  Pink Floyd)
1969 Rock/Psych
Hurdy Gurdy ( Danish Trio) Hurdy Gurdy (Early-'70s hard rock offering with Hendrix-influenced guitar + sitar & harmonica)
1971 Rock/Psych
Man 2 Ozs. of Plastic with a Hole in the Middle / Revelation(1st&2nd Albums on 1 CD, Rem.;Jap.Ed)
1969/2006 Rock/Psych
Man Greasy Truckers Party (A legendary gig on Feb. 13, 1972 at the London Roundhouse, Rem.)
1972/2006 Rock/Psych
Man Live at the Padget Rooms, Penarth (Greatest Man concert recording, Rem.)
1972/2006 Rock/Psych
Man Be Good to Yourself at Least Once a Day (Their best instrumental set) New Edit. Rem.+ 2 Bonus
1972/2008 Rock/Psych
Orang-Utan Orang-Utan
1971 Rock/Psych
Road (Supergroup with Noel Redding [Jimi Hendrix Experience] & Rod Richards [Rare Earth]) Road (post-Hendrix hard-blues-psychedelic rock album)
1972 Rock/Psych
Second Hand (Similar Artists: A.Brown's Kingdom Come) Reality
1968 Rock/Psych
Tomorrow (Steve Howe in his pre-Yes days) Tomorrow (one of the 1960s' best and most intriguing album, Rem. + 11 Bonus Tracks)
1968 Rock/Psych
Tomorrow (Steve Howe in his pre-Yes days) 50 Minute Technicolor Dream (16 Unissued Studio, Session and Live Recordings; Rem.)
1967-1968 Rock/Psych
Various Artists The Psychedelic Sixties Music EP Collection 2CD 1960's-1970's/2005 Rock/Psych

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